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American Civil Liberties

Union of Texas  (ACLU)

Big Brothers and Sisters 
1905 Washington Ave., Waco
(254) 776-2862

Communities in Schools - Central Texas
1001 Washington Ave., Waco
(254) 753-6002

Economic Opportunities Advancement Corporation  (EOAC)

500 Franklin Ave.,  Waco
(254) 753-0331

League of United Latin

American Citizens (LULAC)

Waco Council #273

915 La Salle Ave. #A, Waco

(254) 235-8664

National Association for the Advance-
ment of Colored People  

PO Box 20511, Waco 76702
(254) 733-5261

Waco Hispanic Museum

2815 Speight Ave., Waco

(in the South Waco Recreation Center)
(254) 548-9730

Online Videos

Integrated Schools:  Families

Choosing Integration

GAO study: Segregation worsening in U.S. schools

Understanding Race

Tampa Bay Times:  Why Cops Shoot



and their relationships to race, gender,

social and financial status

Verna Myers, TED Talks:

How to overcome our biases?

Walk boldly toward them!

LINKS to Resources and Suggested Reading

Grassroots Leadership study shows African Americans confined longer

in Travis County Jail

I went to medical school in Charlottes- ville. I know white anger quite well.

Being Black in Public

Refuting Fear:  Immigration, Youth, and California's Stunning Decline

in Crime and Violence

Educator Jane Elliott Talks Trump, Kaepernick and Fixing Racism

Extensive data shows punishing
reach of racism for black boys

The members of the CRRC Board

are delighted to share the following recommendations for further reading

and viewing, study, and understanding of inequality issues in central Texas. 

Recommended Reading

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Alexander, Michelle -   

     The New Jim Crow:

     Mass Incarceration in

     the Age of Colorblindness
      The New Press, New York, 2010

Anaya, Rudolfo -

     Bless Me, Ultima
      Quinto Sol - Berkeley, CA , 1972

Anderson, Carol -

     White Rage:  The Unspoken

     Truth of Our Racial Divide
      Bloomsbury Publishing USA -

      New York, 2016

Baldwin, James -

     The Fire Next Time 

      Dial Press - New York; 1963

Blackmon, Douglas -

      Slavery by Another Name: The Re-

      Enslavement of Black Americans

      from the Civil War to World War II
       Doubleday - New York, 2008


Coates, Ta-Nehisi -

     Between the World and Me
      Random House LLC - New York,


Daniel-Tatum, Beverly -

      Can We Talk About Race?
       Beacon Press - Boston, 2007

_   "Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting

      Together In The Cafeteria?"
       Hachette (Basic Books) - New York,

       September 1997

Ellison, Ralph -

      The Invisible Man
       Random House - New York, 1952

Galeano, Eduardo - 

     Open Veins of Latin America:

     Five Centuries of the Pillage of a

      Monthly Review - New York, 1971

Gonzales, Rigoberto -

     Butterfly Boy: Memories

     of a Chicano Mariposa

      Univ. of Wisconsin Press -

      Madison, WI, 2006

Grande, Reyna -

     The Distance Between Us:

     A Memoir
      Washington Square Press

      (Simon & Schuster) - New York, 2013

Griffin, John Howard -

    Black Like Me
     Houghton Mifflin - New York, 1961

Hobbs, Jeff -

      The Short and Tragic Life of

      Robert Peace
      Scribner - New York, 2014

Hooks, Bell -

      Ain't I A Woman:  Black Women

      and Feminism

      South End Press, Brooklyn, NY - 1981


Ngozi Adichie, Chimamanda -

       Knopf - New York, 2013

Picoult, Jodi -

      Small Great Things:  A Novel

      Ballantine Books, New York - 2016

Rankine, Claudia -

      Citizen:  An American Lyric

        Graywolf Press - Minneapolis, 2014

Sisneros, Sandra -

      The House on Mango Street

        Arte Público Press, 1984

        Knopf Doubleday - New York, 1991

Urrea, Luis Alberto -

      The Devil's Highway:  A True Story

        Back Bay Books - Boston, 2002

Viramonte, Helena Maria -

      Under the Feet of Jesus

        Penguin Books - New York, 1995

Wilkerson, Isabel -

      The Warmth of Other Suns:  The Epic        Story of America's Great Migration

       Vintage - New York, 2011


Wise, Tim -

      White Like Me:  Reflections on Race

       from a Privileged Son

        Soft Skull Press, Berkeley CA, 2007

Wright, Richard -

      Native Son

        Harper & Brothers - New York, 1940


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