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About Waco CRRC

Waco CRRC is a community organization that strives to promote racial and cultural understanding, education, and awareness. We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive community for everyone. We are dedicated to providing educational resources and organizing events to promote cultural exchange and understanding. We believe in the power of community to bring positive change, and we work tirelessly to make our vision a reality.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Promote racial and cultural awareness through dynamic outreach to strengthen our community.

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Our Vision

Make social interaction between racially and culturally diverse persons commonplace within the Waco community.

We promote the transformation of Waco into a community where racial differences are accepted, understood and embraced.


The Community Race Relations Coalition dates back to the early 2000's.  It has been a collaborative effort that grew out of genuine collaborations across multiple local organizations and involved many sectors of the community.  You can read our full story here.

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